How to love your girlfriend/boyfriend without pursue her on words, actions and etc etc?

Title says all. I need help on that, because on the relationship i'm with my girlfriend i'm always over pursue her with "I love you" and talking to her (yes i do want talk almost all day with her, but i'm making my hard to dont pursue her and give her own space).

This type of problem also generates me anxiety and despair to do that, wich i don't want. I just want things go well between me and her with no over pursues or anything. soo.. how to do it? Thanks a lot!


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  • I think your overthinking it, i mean its normal for couples who are so in love that they want to talk to each other & show affection eveyday all day. :) The truth is girls love to hear I love u & for their boyfriend to show lots of affection, it's makes them feel loved & cared for. :) I see what u mean, Sometimes people can be overly affectionate. Since ur really worried about it, talk to ur girlfriend and tell her how u feel. Tell her how ur trying ur best to not to pursue so much cuz u don't want her to feel smothered. She should understand & I'm sure if she felt like u were pursing her too much, she tell u. :)


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