Is dating your ex ever a good idea?

Answer only from your own experience, please.


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  • As a rule of thumb I'd say no. Like Mustache Wonder commented, you have to see if they can handle it. This is one of those things that healthy communication can really assist on. You should be able to go up to your lover and ask what their feelings are on this issue. If they have a problem with hearing about your ex's then it is at your discretion to share that stuff.

    Personally, my ex used to talk about her exes all the time and I didn't like it much. After a while it made me think, "You know, some day she's going to be talking to some other guy like this about me." Ha--and now she probably is. Lol. At any rate--it did nothing to help our relationship. Include past loves into your current love-life with caution.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D

  • you mean get back with your ex bf?

    no not really.

    if things aren't working out the first time around they aren't gonna work out the second time around.

    at first when you start hanging out things will seem great until both of you get back in your old ways again.


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