Girls, in your teens to mid 20's only please, what's a bigger physical turn off in a guy your age? Being overweight, being short, or being bald?

These are 3 stereotypically bad physical traits to have as a young guy so I figured I'd find out which was worse, please be honest and don't do a 'looks don't matter' post, this is about physicality.
  • Being overweight is the most unattractive
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  • Being short is the most unattractive
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  • Being bald (assume it's shaved bald due to alopecia or hairloss since most guys do that now) is the most unattractive
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  • Most Americans are overweight, but why I find it unattractive is because, I like guys who want to live long and stay active when they are in their 60's and 70's. I want to travel the world with my future husband and not spend most of my time in the hospital crying, because his heart failed. For me, it's not the appearance, but the fact that over weight/obese people have a higher chance of not being able to keep up and being diagnosed with diseases. I find bald guys and short guys attractive lol because its natural to be short or bald. You can't really change height or baldness, but you can change weight and health though.


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  • None of them are huge turn offs, but the biggest turn off is the bald for me. I've been attracted to fat guys and short guys, but bald eh. I like guys with awesome hair That I can play with. ☺️ I guess I'm in the minority? Hahaha

    • So baldness is a deal breaker for you?

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    • I see, I just ask because i lost my hair to a condition and I'm only 20, for me personally in a girl, I find overweight to be a dealbreaker more that any other, I would rather date a pretty girl who was bald for whatever reason that a pudgy one. Just my taste. So don't feel bad about what you said, we all have preferances and needs, and in the end we only need one.

    • Thanks! Like I said though, bald isn't a deal breaker. It's just if I had to choose one, it would be that. I'd totally date a bald guy if I liked him.

  • Being overweight. doesn't matter what age they are being overweight is a turn off for me

  • Obesity is.


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