Does this sound a fishy situation?

Thank you beforehand to whoever reads this and responds. I have been knowing this girl from over 15 months now and we are now in an online relationship which is long distance. I feel I love her and it is something new to me as I never felt like this ever in my life to the point I have been talking with her about future marriage and of children, things she seems to like a lot too and which I thought was something hardly possible for a guy like me. I am focused a lot on work and career and I gave up on relationships long ago as I never found somebody whom I felt would like the real me. I have found a great connection with this girl but there are many doubts and fishy elements which have never been resolved. She perfectly knows who I am and my identity and do tell her lots of things but, I have never really clearly got some things verified on her behalf. For example I was willing to have a videocall but so far she has always refused that like an excuse about videocameras being expensive whilst here where I live they cost little money and he father runs also a PC store. Then I did send her a personal ID document to confirm whom I was to her but never received even some library card or any sort of badge with a picture confirming her identity. I got some pictures from her but they are old and all low resolution like as if they could have been downloaded from another account of a social network and she did send me some high resolution but when she was a baby or a child so that does make me wonder. She states she hates pictures and also a videocall sounds bad so I really find it odd for this. I did not insist ever as I first of all respect and do not want her to feel out of her comfort zone. I was told by her friend she had been obese in past and I am not making that an issue so I wish to hope it is just for that. I really feel in love with her, I do not care if she might not be lean or thin as I love the person she is.
For me interior beauty values a lot more. She is a wonderful person but, she seems to regard aesthetics very important. I do not want her to feel ugly but also in being honest for me it is far more important a person how she is inside and that is far more valuable but, at times she takes it as if I think she is ugly.


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