Does he like me?

My friend set up me and this guy. We have been on 4 dates, and things have been going really well. He is 31 and I am 26. We talk every day. However, we don't really talk during the day because he drives a lot for work and I am in school and work. He tells me he likes me a lot, and he emailed my friend that set us up and said "thank you so much, she is incredible." He even went to the bar that he knows her from (she's a bartender) and said "thank you so much, you couldn't have picked a better match." They didn't get to talk much so my friend had emailed him saying "Hey we didn't really get to talk much, but how are things going? do you like her? :-)" he said "Things are going pretty great! Yea I like her, a lot actually. It's only been a few weeks but it feels like forever in a good way, she is really down to earth and awesome!" He texts me in the morning to tell me to have a good day, and I was nervous about something the other day in school and he said "good luck today!!" The other day he said "I know it's been a short amount of time but I think you being my partner in crime this fall is going to be a lot of fun" I haven't seen him since Sunday, which I guess was making me feel a little insecure. He's going away this weekend, but we have plans for Tuesday. Yesterday he said "not this weekend but the weekend after I wanna do something fun with you" This morning I texted him saying "I hope you have a great day!" and he said "You too! And I'm really looking forward to seeing you Tuesday." We have fooled around, but haven't had sex yet which is awesome. I really like him and I feel like I'm feeling more vulnerable and I wonder if he's seeing anyone else? It's such a random thought but I don't know. Maybe because I haven't seen him since Sunday but then again, it's only the beginning. We shouldn't be seeing each other every day.

Does he seem to like me and be genuine?
Do you think he's seeing anyone else?


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  • Yes, he seems genuine in that he likes you. That being said, if you wanna get more serious you should probably have a talk about what you are interested in. This sounds like two people dating, not two people in an exclusive relationship. That doesn't mean he is off seeing other people, it just means the two of you need to understand where you each are at so you don't have to wonder what the other is thinking.

  • Well, he definitely seems to like you a lot, and is making plans to see you. But it's too early to tell if he's seeing anyone else, so if he changes how he acts with you, in text or face to face, something could be wrong. But he went out his way to thank the person who set you both up, and seems very happy, so i think he is genuine and interested in you.


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