How to get over someone? > read details < !!! need advice urgent?

Well I met this guy 6 months ago and ever since then we have liked eachother in that way. We've kissed hugged all couple things but never actually been official when I bring it up he freaks out because his ex (first girlfriend) messed him around was horrible to him and put him down so he hates relationships so he doesn't want one. But anyway he told me he likes me but recently he's been acting different. A few months ago he told me he liked me but wanted to stop talking to me because he felt he was leading me on for him to not even go out with me so I was so sad but got over it. Then he came back and was like I need to talk to you coz I really like you and stuff and then it was fine. Then it was summer and we spent the whole of it together but got back to school and he's doing the same thing again, he hasn't actually stated that he is gonna stop talking to me he's just hinted by stopping messaging barely talking to me brushing me off a bit and I just don't even know. Because he did really like me but he's so confused about how he feels he hasn't made his mind up. I agreed to get over him but I don't know if he knows that. But I see him everyday and it's hard and he acts like he doesn't care that we don't talk as much. I mean I do too but it's weird because of how he's been he's just suddenly changed? Anyway tips to move on please and maybe even some advice?


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  • Sometimes u can't forget a person specially if u see him everyday,
    im gonna tell u a GOLDEN RULE, to check if he really likes u,
    it worked on me, i hope it works on him as well,
    make him JEALOUS- by talking to other guys, and be busy on phone and talk in a shy manner as if ur talking to your boyfriend, this will drive him nuts,
    a girl did this to me when i was not initiating a chat with her in the class and she liked me, this forced me to talk to her,
    because we guys fear to lose the woman we like, so if he really likes u , he will come forward and talk to u about it,
    pls answer mine


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  • Start talking to someone else and if he is uncomfortable with it shows he doesn't want to lose you sorry if this doesn't help just thinking on the spot


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