Does he like me?

My best guy friend had told me he didn't "see me that way" when I asked but everything he does, says the complete opposite. He and I are and won't ever be friends with benefits since we're not like that. We're the best of friends and we met last month and instantly clicked; it hasn't even been a month but we're super tight.

Some of things he does that are "the signs" to me during and after that:

+ Goes out of his way to hang out with me at any time of the day.
+ He makes the effort to see me.
+ Does the plans he has with someone, comes to see me right after letting me know through text without me saying anything.
+ Teases me immensely.
+ He stares and smiles at me a lot with those "dreamy" eyes, if that makes sense.
+ Dresses up and wears cologne.
+ Initiates the hugs.
+ Drives me around everywhere.
+ Chivalrous.
+ He beams at my jokes and when he sees me.
+ I make him laugh a lot.
+ Tons of inside jokes.
+ When I was depressed one night, I called him and he came immediately to my house and wore a t-shirt I had told him to constantly wear because it was awesome (from a favorite show).
+ Wears glasses all of the time because when we first met, I told him how much I loved his glasses and looked good on him.
+ We're planning our next hang out to be out of town.
+ His family loves me to death and vice versa.
+ I caught him staring at me with a huge dreamy face and a smile when I was talking and looking away and when I looked back, he kept it that way.

This guy's a good person so he definitely does not do the "player" thing. He's humble and has a good relationship with his family.


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  • This is a lot like how i am with a girl at the moment, we only met three weeks ago and she came from Germany, she considers me "like a brother" but knows i like her, the thing is she seems to throw me off a lot by acting how i would class love, but i don't know, my point is, he definitely seems interested, if you're interested, you need to show it to him, usually relationships spark well when two people immediately click, so try and show a mutual affection for him, just like he has to you, and maybe try and push it a little further (a bit like what BertMacklinFBI said), however if you aren't interested, i'm afraid you'll have to tell him, or if you want, maybe wait until he wants to take it further, by the sounds of it, he's trying to push it further, so it's likely he'll try and ask you out soon anyway, which is when you'll have to tell him, either way you go, i wish you luck.

    • Thank you so much for the extra insight, @VictoriousSausage! Your well wishes are with me. I see him as a great friend, probably not like "a brother" like your friend, but let me tell you that when most of us girls feel especially comfortable around men, we know there's no mind games and that's just heaven for us... then comes the feelings of liking that person because they're not like any other guy that you can be around with like that. :)

    • wow, yeah i can actually say i've noticed this with my friend today, i went out to do a research project in the nearby city to where i live, my friend (and three others) tagged along, now this "friend" has stated that she sees me as her best friend (not in a while though). But today we were extremely honest with each other, she hasn't stated that she likes me, but she has a tendency of being a lot closer with me, and today on the way home, she caught the bus with me, and was leaning on me the entire way back (just with her head), she's also liked to hold onto my arm and so on and so fourth, but i'm glad i could be of help to you, and again, i hope it goes really well for you, and thank you for some extra insight!

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  • okay all of the things listed, it definitely seems like there is some potential interest here. try to take things a little bit further when you two hang out again and see how he responds to that, like breaking the touch barrier, or if you have already done that then take the touch barrier a bit further like cuddling maybe if its cold. but it seems like he is into you, he is being damn nice, thoughtful. and somewhat romantic lol.


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  • totally likes you!

  • I don't know, girl. If he liked you, then why would he claim otherwise?


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