How do you talk to a quiet girl?

First of all, I know this is in the wrong catagory, but when I post in the other ones no one ever replies. So I'm fresh out of a looong two year relationship with my first serious girlfriend. It's only been a week and I know I should give it more time to get over the relationship before finding someone new, but I am interested in a girl and I want to get to know her while I'm getting ready to date again. She's very quiet and incredibly beautiful which is my type of girl. I'm attracted to the classy and mysterious girls that are very good looking. I'm a mysterious guy myself and I have been told by many girls and guys that I am very attractive so I don't doubt my abilities, but she is a difficult one. I'm used to talking to quiet introverts (my best friend is one), but I rarely even have a chance to talk to her. I'm a senior in highschool and we only have one class together. What's worse is that we sit across the room from eachother. I sat behind her the first day of school, but I moved to the other side of the room the second day and our teacher set the seating chart on the second day so I'm stuck there now which really sucks. I've talked to her once for about 10 minutes and she's really nice. Another problem is that her life is a complete mystery. All I know is that she is a dancer. I have no idea if she is taken or not, or if she even wants to date anyone because no guys ever try to flirt with her even though she is a solid 10/10. The only thing that anyone has ever told me about her is that she's very smart. I think it might be because they think that she's taken, but that might not be the case. I've tried facebook stalking (I know it's creepy) to see if she's taken, but I only found some pictures of her with a boyfriend four years ago (I've never seen him before and it seems like they are no longer dsting). how do I talk to her, and what should I make about no guys flirting with her?


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  • Well not many guys go for shy girls so I don't think you'll have a problem with competition (unless you know guys will go for her). Start off with being nice to her, and look her in the eyes (In my opinion I think it's very polite when a guy makes eye contact with a girl). To start conversations you could ask her what the homework was and ask her for help with some class you have. But you should just go for it.


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