What's happening, I can't get her out of my mind?

We've been friends for the longest since our last year of HS (now I'm 23). Anyway I was sick of not having any luck in the dating world and it was two months ago where we made a deal. We would sleep with each other (but I admit, I always liked her for the longest) but forget about it the next day, treating it as if it didn't happen.

While she moved on and quickly resumed her position as my friend, ever since then I can't get her out of her mind. Why? Not sure if it was worth it. Sure, I got it finally but at the same time I'm I guess disappointed and sad it will never go further. She's already dating someone else.
I liked her even before it happened but when it did happened... suddenly I started thinking more about her. Now it seems like I can't forget her.


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  • you're gonna have to move on.


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