Why does this girl do this?

There's this girl I talk to and whenever I walk by her she looks at me quick then looks away and then looks to if I'm still looking at her and then she waves at me. I'm just curious as to why she does this. Here's a background about her we've been a fling for awhile because she says she's not ready for a relationship and we go through times where we talk to each other a lot and things get intimate between us and then it slows down. So why does this girl do this?


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  • Well mostly when girls do that they look at a guy twice to see if he was really looking at them, or another girl or friend. So when she sees you continue looking at her, she waves because she either:

    is happy to see you/ likes you

    doesn't want to be rude

    If she's not ready for a relationship, then she won't act like it, so waving is a simple way to say hi or be friendly without going up to you like a girlfriend might do.

    It really depends on the person though, not ALL girls do that..

    Hope it helps(:


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  • I don't know why she do this,but my guts tell me she is not a healthy-minded girl,means,she is not worth my fuc*.