Who wil have a better chance?

So, I asked a question recently about should I give up already before it starts.

Link: https://www.girlsaskguys.com/dating/q1689174-should-i-give-up-already-before-it-starts

I basically just completely explain how my best friend has a better chance then I do without knowing I show my lack of confidence. I really do have low self esteem problem even though I stand up for myself. But, the question was based on appearance. I decide to make it about personality and I'm going to list every single personality that we both have, and some maybe surprised who's going to come up top.

First, I'm going to list "Rebecca's personality". Somewhat quiet, friendly, kind at times, can be a little bit mean, can be intimidatiing to some of her lovers, highly intelligent, cool, dedicated in cheerleading and school, and introverted/extroverted.

Second, I'm going to list my personality and not going to exaggerate. I can be a lone wolf, rarely jealous, highly intelligent, quiet at times, a pushover, can be popular for a day, dress street wise and currently, can be arrogant for a short period of time, friendly, easy to get along with, average, shy, smart mouthed, witty, and I really doing like attention drawn to me on purpose.

And finally, I'm going to list "Manny's personality". Athletic, friendly, competitive with me, confident, quiet, show off, can be a jerk towards me at times, thinking popular is the key of surviving HS, instigator, can lie, highly intelligent, fight back whenever push around, not a very easy target, can be intimidating to some, cold hearted at times, and talks a bit freaky (how he says it).

Now, who has the upperhand? Me or Manny? Explain your reasoning.
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Someone already voted and Manny is already winning. I should just asked who do you think she'll won't like more.


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  • of course manny!

    • Why?

    • People always tell me to stop bitching because I think he's better than me in every way. But, I guess it's official. He is better than me in appearance and personality. Even his personality isn't even close to her, but my personality is actually is. Sometimes I wonder people just don't want to see the truth because the truth is just too ugly for their eyes. Well, I'm going to take a stand no matter how many people votes for him, you're only doing it because you're taking all the good aspects out and take all the bad aspects out of me then try to compare it. Yeah, it may seem like he's dominant and I do seem like I'm his sidekick. But, not all sidekicks are going to be one forever. No wonder I'm a lone wolf because I can't trust people and people try to make me look bad. No matter how much I can ask this question while changing it up, he'll still be on top. I'm sorry that I'm not so sorry that I'm not the alpha male. Not everyone can be the hero. I gonna man up.

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