Guys, Emotionally unavailability?

I have been fwbs with this guy, and now we are currently dating. However there is an issue. He seems emotionally unavailable. I myself has never had anything like this, and so at times I can be a little distant myself. Even though this is the case I am working on being more open. I want us to work. I want us to evolve, and or to grow. I know he cares, because the actions are loud. It is just that he will not open up. We have been doing this since 2014. He has had bad run ins with girls before, but i'm not them. I wish he could see, and understand that. How do I get him to open up with me? What things can I do to get him to see, and to understand that I care? When awnsering I ask of you all to be respectful, and generous. I have a lot on my mind, and I do not need a rude response. Please be respectful.


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  • Make it clear to him that you're there for him if anything is on his mind, and let him open up (if he chooses to) in his own time. Guys are taught from a young age that expressing emotions and vulnerability isn't masculine.


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