How could someone like her actually like me?

So i found out that this popular pretty girl had a crush on me and i'm... a nobody.. like really i have no friends at all... do you think they are messing with me? a classmate told me when she wasn't there and i said "you're lying" and he said no i'm not he swore to god and a few others said it was true

she likes me because she thinks i could understand her better than any toher guy there and she can tell im not like the other guys or something..

i asked her if she had something to say to me when i saw her in the lunch room she said "yeah, could you hand me my water bottle" and she smiled at me i smiled and walked away i'm so confused but i have to admitt i actualy have been liking her for a year does she like me or are these students playing with my heart?

I'm not going to put a picture of her but i'll describe what she looks like.
people always tel her she looks like jessica rabbit if she had a daughter, her hair is blonde and red

it looks sort of like this but not as long

How could someone like her actually like me?

How could someone like her actually like me?
(This isn't her)

Her hair is just like this and thats what i love about her
she's not too skinny or fat she's sort of on the thicker side like she ways a good 190 - 200 pounds

do you think she likes me because these guys are playing with my hear here and its not funny if they're playing with me... she's like the cutest thing i've ever seen.

She's not one of those fast girls she's really really nice to everyone basically and she's been through a lot as a child i heard she even tried to committ suicide multiple times but they are only rumors and i feel like we'd be good together.. do you think she likes me?


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  • i think she does!


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  • Okay, I doubt she ways 190-200 lbs., because on most girls that would be obese.
    I dunno if they're playing, if so, it's pretty elaborate, and you must really be a nobody.

    • i wouldn't say a nobody i'm just not into what they're into like partying, and staying out all night at clubs im more into getting a job and saving up for my college type of guy

      and yeah she might be but she's tall almos everyone is tall these days she's 5'8 or 5'9 i'm 5'11

    • Well maybe she's heard that opposites attract and she wants to try that out.

      And she's probably like 130 lbs.

    • Lol I was laughing when I read the 190-200lb too. I was gonna say that she can't be a girl that's too picky

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