How to have fun without a boy?

I like being in a relationship don't get me wrong but, I like to be single too. Not having to deal with the drama. I want to start a new year..not needing a guy to make me happy. I need advice please (: I'm independent for the most part but, I do like having that one person I can call boo <3 but..i need a break.


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  • Pay better attention to a guy's "red Flags" when first meeting him so that you stop dating guys who bring "drama" to the relationship... cause that would make me hate dating too.

    Try casual dating, without sex and without commitment, and you'll find the best of both worlds. Just be upfront about your expectations with the men you meet.

    You might also want to consider taking a long break from dating until you're more secure in who you, what you want, and where you're going. Once you've matured enough to realize being alone doesn't equal being lonely, you'll be that much more attractive to men AND you'll be less prone to sticking with "drama driven" men.

    Breast of luck!

    ~ Robby


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  • I'm not sure.. why.. your asking this unless your asking for help with having fun downstairs?

    I don't know how or why you would need to ask for help having fun without a boy? Hang out with your friends.. :] best thing I can say.. or go clubbing..

    If it's for fun downstairs without a boy.. well visit a lions den or something.. pick out a toy and have fun.. lol.. if your too shy to do that.. see if you have a good friend that goes to a place like this and have him/her get your something. lol..

    Hope this helped? not sure.. lol


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