How do I approach this woman?

My brother told me a couple of days ago that his wife has been trying to drop hints to look up this woman that she works with, I didn't get them until he told me lol. Anyway so I finally looked her up, and I think she is pretty cute, so I message my sister-in-law that I looked her up and that I thought she was cute, and she came back with that she looked me up too and said I was cute and blah blah but thought I would think she is crazy because she is 32, i'm 25.

So I am trying to decide how I should approach her, like should I add her facebook and send a message saying hey I have heard a lot about you from *sister in law's name* we should get together this weekend, or should I simply message her without adding her.

I have never really been "set up" so to speak with anyone and definetly not with someone that I have not met already, and I have been working A LOT in the past about seven or eight months, so to say that my dating life is dead, is a understatment. I have literally been working seven days a week, two jobs, sometimes getting off my second job I use for spending money just to work on stuff from my actual career at home.

So I am kinda lost on how to get this ball rolling. Plus with her being a little older than me I don't want to come off as young and stupid or immature somehow. Any advice given would be greatly appreicated!


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  • Don't be nervous. You both think each other is cute (awe) so you've got that initial, "does she like me," fear, out of the way. Second, be bold, skip all the online stuff (remember she's a mature 32 year old, lol), and invite her out for coffee or lunch. A good trick is to invite her out on say a Thursday. If its working out, you can ask for a second weekend date, but if its not, oh man, boy are you busy and have work and you don't know if you'll ever have time again ever in life to meet her again. Let's assume though that you are being bold and confident, and have asked her out and she says yes, the only other advice is to be yourself. If you're an immature person, you aren't suddenly going to change and faking it won't get you anywhere, but if you are you, the attraction will be that she is impressed by the real you right, whether that's immature guy or mature guy, whichever you are in life. Good luck!


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