Guys, I Have No Idea What's Going On In His Mind?

So, due to a recent turn of events, I now have a sort of boyfriend in highschool. I'm only 15, and I feel like he wants to have sex with me. He's been staring my face sometimes while wrapping his arm around my shoulder. I really don't know if he's studying my face for emotions or if he wants to know if I want to do it. Or even kiss. Or whatever. Honestly, I just want to kiss, but I'm a chicken to say it's okay, but at the same time, I'm extremely baffled and I don't know what to do. So, what SHOULD I DO?


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  • Wait until you are 18. Whatever state you are in, it is probably illegal to have sex with a 15 year old and that could lead to a life sentence on the sex offender registry. It is not worth the risk.


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