When do you move from talking to boyfriend/girlfriend?

I've been talking to this guy since we met almost a month ago. I really like him and do want a relationship, but I don't know if it's too soon? I've only had flings before and they've lasted a few days because I've really never been interested in them like I am this guy. Should I talk to him about moving on from "talking" or should I wait a little longer?
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  • Too soon only because you've only known him for a month
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  • Not too soon, you should talk to him about it
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Before I decided to talk to him he wanted to talk about our relationship status. He likes me and he likes the sex, so he wants to be friends with benefits while he tries to go out with other girls.


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  • If you feel like there's really nothing else to to but to naturally progress to a r/s from just talking them let him known that you want more.

    • When we started talking we both said we eventually wanted to be boyfriend/girlfriend eventually. The only question really is when.

    • @Asker - Do you feel ready? Then just ask him! If you still have to question yourself then you are not ready! It's really that simple, if you want something speak up!

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  • @update if he wants to be friends with benefits and go out with other girls, he's not trying to be in a relationship. Don't have sex with him anymore if you are expecting a relationship out of this

  • talk to him about it!


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