How do you go on a date with a girl? (Highschool)?

Im like lost on what actually to do?

So you ask a girl out, your go somewhere (I dunno what would be nice), and then what? How do you make it regular or prorgress to make someone exclusive? When do you open up to her and tell her your feelings? Pardon my lack of knowledge in this lol.

I've had a crush on this girl for a while who's one of my closer female friends. Its not like I like her just cause she's cute or somthing, I've really gotten to know her and I care about her and she's just adorable. Me and her can talk on and on when we can except its always been at school with something to point out if it got silent.

On a date usually, you'd get to know a person but what if you already know em? Im scared to mess up or maybe she won't even say yes to me :/. I wanna be sweet and make it memorable cause I've never felt this way before. She just makes me happy and allows me to come out of my "mature persona" and be childlike and free again, which is what I want to be again. So any wisdom?


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  • Step one:
    Figure out if she likes you. This step is actually entirely unnecessary. You can totally just proceed to step two if you are feeling gutsy. However, most people without too much experience will want to know if the person likes them first.
    Anyway, here's some quick google work I did that might help you to figure out if she likes you

    Step Two:
    just ask her out. At this point, you're got a pretty good idea that she might very well like you, or else you don't even care, you just want to go for it and let the chips fall where they may. At any rate, you should just go up to her and ask. Be very clear what it is you're asking. Tell her you have feelings for her now and follow up immediately by asking her out on a real date, not just something between friends.
    If she likes you she will agree and seem happy/excited. If she is less sure of her feelings, she may seem reserved or nervous. And if she doesn't like you like that she will hopefully just politely turn you down at this point, no doubt saying something to the effect of you're just a good friend to her. Nothing more.
    The key to this step is balls. Just do it. Get it done. More importantly, get it over with. If she likes you, that's amazing! And if she doesn't, at least you'll know and it'll be over with.

    Step Three:
    Now if she turned you down in the last step, sorry about your luck buddy. But if not, then step three is all about finding the right spot for the date. As a general rule, I like to suggest coffee for a first date b/c it allows for you to get to know the other person in a light, comfortable setting that's fun and not too serious. However, since you already know this girl pretty well, you should think of a place that she will enjoy where you can be more couple-y. Any place where you can have the room (and possibly privacy?) where you can touch a bit more, like hugs, holding each other, kisses, etc. You'll want to find a place that is enjoyable for her, but also will allow you to draw a clear difference between you two as friends and you two as partners.

    I would recommend mini golf or possibly even bowling. It's fun, it's light, and there's plenty of opportunity for quick little arm touches, hugs, kisses, w/e. At least more so than other possible dates such as at the movies.

    Step Four:
    To be continued...

    • Step Four:
      So this step is the final step and it is all about how to ask her to be exclusive. Typically you would go on a number of dates, w/e felt right to you, spanning an amount of time, how long you felt was good.
      Since you're in high school, you could probably get away with becoming exclusive pretty quick. Regardless of when, there are a few ways of going about asking her to be your official exclusive girlfriend.
      a) Do it all at once. Sit her down at some point and tell her "We've gone out a hand full of times and I don't wanna see anyone else. I want you to be my girlfriend." Make it your own, but something like that.
      b) You can try to work it so that it just comes up in conversation. Now, personally, I'm a bigger fan of the first option. Honest and open communication is best in relationships. But this could work too I think. If you just kind of bring it up as if you just thought of it like "Hey, yeah! What would you think of that?" It could probably work. lol.


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    • What do you talk about during the date? w/e you want. It's not so much what you say. I figure it's more how you say it. Same deal with how to make it different that being a friend. Try to be sweet, romantic even. Romance will be your friend in this situation. Nothing too cheesy, unless you know she likes it really cheesy. But definitely very sweet. Something that says "I know you and I like you a lot."
      Also, try to have good body language. Stay open, don't fold your arms too much, face your body toward her when you talk as much as possible, look her in the eyes, but don't like bore a hole through her skull w/ your gaze. Don't be afraid to touch her while you're talking to her, like her arm, shoulder, w/e. And especially in later dates, kisses are good for drawing the line between boyfriend and friend.
      In short, it's not so much what you do, it's how you do it. Make her feel like she is the most special, amazing and beautiful girl on the planet and she's putty in your hands.

    • It may also be noteworthy that if you are already very physically affectionate w/ each other, maybe you're basically already acting like boyfriend and girlfriend. You might not have to change much.
      If she already likes you, just romance her a bunch if/when you start going out and she'll feel the difference. Also, be sure to kiss the girl. ;)

  • I don't fuckin know, I've been trying to ask various websites and people this question for years, and they never give a real answer.

    P. S. I know the feeling of everything you describe.
    Don't make the half-mistake I made and say that it's a hangout.

    Good luck finding real answers.


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