What should I do? Date other people available to me now or wait on someone I really like that is never available and sucks at communication?

So before school started I was visiting a town a hour away, stopped into a soccer store and met this guy. Instant sparks instant connection the next day I went back and we kind of asked each other out. Went on a really amazing date, he bought me food, we played soccer, he was great.

School starts, we live an hour away and go to separate schools. He warned me he sucks at texting prior too usually i don't get any response back for a day or two. Every time we try to set something up he always says he really wants to hang out with me because he likes me but he's extremely busy. We both play soccer (i play varity he plays national), were both in school and we both have jobs, understandable. But he sucks at communicating and texting to a point that frusterates me and just makes me lose interest, and i have suggested calling but he just explained how he was really busy.

Then there are a tonne of guys since school started that have tried talking to me and get my number etc. One of which is in my program, super nice and has experessed interest in me. Im not to sure whether I should continue to wait for the guy an hour away that I have a connection with to be avaliable or whether i should say screw him and give a new guy a shot that has experessed interest in me?


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  • Well, I say you go out with someone else. You never agreed you were in an exclusive relationship so go give it a shot. If he ever gets his shit together then you can give him a shot if you care at that point.


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