Should I give a gental sign I like him or harsh?

I want him to get a little hint hint I like him but I don't want to seem to touchy or hash but more cute and touchy but I want to get what I'm trying to do and him to do the same since he seems like he likes me a multiple people have told me he most likely does... any help?


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  • Sometimes I wish I was 17 again, where getting to hold a girls hand on date, or having her fix my hair meant she liked you for real.

    Did you catch my hint or should I explain myself in more details? ;)

    • More detail please...

    • Hold his hand. Fix his hair. Fix his jacket. Compliment his shoes. Hold his arm when you laugh at his jokes etc... I am not saying to lift up your skirt but enough touchy cuty feely here and there and unless he is COMPLETELY obvious to things, he will get it.

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