Girl disappeared after making up. What to do?

I met a girl through a dating app 2 weeks ago we have been to 3 dates so far. I was the one always initating conversation and arranging the dates. Last time, she came to my place and we had sex.

We talked a bit the day after and we set up a date to 3 days later, which she called me last minute to cancel it for family reasons. She genuinely apologised, told me that she will have a busy week due to her work and she would call me to tell me when she is free. I haven't heard from her since then (4 days) and texted her last night to see how it is going but still no reply. Shall I just keep waiting? What will be the best thing to do? Also it was her birthday last weekend and I still keep the gift for her which I was supposed to give in the last cancelled date.


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  • I don't think you should wait for her... Or you could just be straight with her and ask her if everything is okay or ask her if you did something wrong or something like that, just to know if she's really busy or not!

  • I wouldn't hold out for this girl. Although she kindly cancelled (even if it was last minute), she doesn't seem to want to keep you around if it's excuse after excuse. If she was highly interested, you would be more of a priority... You're keeping her on a pedestal where she doesn't hold much value for you.

    If she's too "busy" or unavailable all the time, she's obviously not ready to settle down for a relationship anyway... or she has other guys on the go.
    Who knows? If you're dating online, date other women too. Open your options. Don't fall into commitment to one woman you met online with 3 dates.

    • It's not really fair on your part either, as you're initiating and she's not giving anything back. It seems sex is what she was looking for, and dropped you soon after. This is why people online date many on the go, to test them all out. You don't know someone enough to be committed to them after 3 dates when you met online, is what I'm saying. So don't stop to immediately fall into her when you could be meeting other great women.

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