Should I tell him why I'm cutting him off, or just do it without saying a word?

There's a guy who has been chatting with me online for months. We know eachother in real life, hung out once and shared a quick kiss. We don't live very close by and since then he has talked to me every day but has not made an effort to take things further/see me, despite saying he wanted to/would. At this point I am fed up with the waiting and uncertainty. However, I still do have feelings for him and don't think I can just stop them. I don't want to have to do this, but think I need to stop talking to him in order to let the feelings go away. Do I tell him beforehand the reason that I don't want to talk, despite already having had the conversation that I wanted to know where things were headed? Or, since he knew I was feeling frustrated with the uncertainty, should I just stop talking to him without saying a thing and let him figure it out on his own? I feel angry towards him that he confirmed he was interested but didn't follow through... Which to me is stringing someone along. I don't think he deserves an explanation but I don't want to not give one if I should be. Thoughts?


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  • Honesty is the best policy and half arse efforts aren't in it to win it. If ur angry before anything has happened then u should think about the future and how ur gonna feel then. If u still have feelings and want to make something of it then give him a chance aka a deadline. Dunno if this will help but it's just my opinion


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  • yep you should definitely tell him.


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