Hi, I'm new here, and I would like to ask if a guy who is 32 would like a girl who is 20?

So there's this guy i met in a hospital, we talked a few times but the days before he had to go back home he sat next to me when I was taking my breakfast, when he already finished, so I was wondering why he sat next to me, then he took some more coffe and he was being all weird (like there was a friend of him who teased him about something that I don't know about) then he said that he will no longer be there, and also that he draw and asked me if I would like to see his drawing, and I said yes, and he kept on rushing me to finish eating (not in a bad way but he was just being impatient), so we went to his room and he showed me his drawing, and after that he came to my room because he wanted to see my drawings and all he complimented me so much that I was embarassed! (but HAPPY YAY)
Then he sked me my tumblr so that we could still keep in touch. And days later, a friend of him ( a girl) said to me that he wanted to keep in touch with me and to give me his email adress, so she gave it to me, and I started talking to him yesterday night, right after I got discharged from the hospital.
The first time I saw him I found him cute but nothing more, but as the day passed I found myself thinking of him more and more, and after the talked to me that day, I could'nt stop thinking of him, so the conclusion is that I really like him and would like a serious relationship but I'm afraid that he might not like me...
And also, how do I hint him that I like him?


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  • I'm 32. I personally wouldn't mind a fling with a girl as young as you, but I would feel a bit cradle snatcher for a long term thing. I personally wouldn't go for someone as young as you for a serious relationship. But hey, I know some girls who do go for older guys successfully. Just approach it with caution.

    • Why? :/
      Actually I'm in a situation where I HAVE to have a boyfriend and get married soon because I may not be able to have babies if I wait too much. So as I really like him, I can imagine myself with him but I really hope that he could feel the same way... Well, i could just wait until he come back from his holidays and see what happens next lol

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  • Of course the guy likes you. You might have to be careful; he may just like you for your looks and may not want a relationship.

    • Well, I'm not THAT pretty but i'm the type of girl that everyone call "cute" and also say " ur so cute that i want to eat u" that sound kinda creepy but I always hear that. He never said that I'm cute or anything, but ugh the way he look at me makes me tremble lol. thanks

  • Yes he would like you he obviously wants you


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