Meeting girls "not awkwardly"?

I'm a pretty awkward guy when it comes to meeting girls for the first time. How should I greet them? (Handshake, hug, other etc)? Other info welcomed too :)) Cheers


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  • Just say hello and smile! No need to physically touch upon meeting if it's the first time you've met!! (Some people like handshakes but sometimes I think thats too formal... however if you met on a dating site then maybe handshake is ok.. no one would ever think a handshake was too much, it is an official greeting!)
    Slowly, the more times you've met up, you can say hello with a slight touch on the back/shoulder/arm
    And then only when you're good friends or in a relationship should you start greeting with a hug or a kiss
    Try not to over-analyse the little things like this, just go with it and do what feels natural :)

    • Champion haha thanks a heap :))

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  • Just talk to them like they were guys and flirt with them a bit more but I was like you a socially awkward guy with a ton of social anxiety until I started smoking cigs now I'm more relax, chill and calm but this is my little secret that you can use


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  • It depends what you mean "for the first time". I think a hug would be appropriate if you met them online, talk quite a bit & are meeting them in person for the first time. If its this case you could ask them if you could hug them when you meet. But just a "Hi" for those you haven't talked to much or at all before.

    • Like so I'm with mates and they know a girl I don't know and she's with her mates and my mates introduce me to them do I shake hands or hug or what? Aaaghhh I'm so rattled on this and I always read the moment wrong so I look awkward af haha

    • Ah I worry about looking awkward too, but usually if you don't personally know her, you should just smile and say hi, there's no need to have physical contact with someone you've just met (:

    • Cheers :))

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