Messaging guys first?

Never thought I'd be 25 and worryied about messaging a guy first, but this seems different.
He lives in another state and he's overseas atm travelling.
I don't know what his thoughts on the future are, if any because we only met a week ago, but I think we both like each other.
I really like talking to him and he might be flying to visit me in a month or two.
But... I have a habit of being a bit too keen and I really don't want to screw this up by acting like a crazy girl with a crush lol.
So I avoid messaging him first. He mostly does and we talk every day but I don't know if I should be jnitiating never and letting him chase me a little or what.
I guess I'm a little smitten and caught off guard by meeting this awesome guy. Help me chill the f out lol. I don't know how to not worry about it


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  • I feel your pain tbh.. it's so hard wanting to talk to someone.. cause you don't know if you should wait to message or have them message you... it's even harder when it's like an ex

    • Yeah and this guy isn't free to talk all the time so I feel like a pain in the a**.
      And I'm like ugh he's a nice guy maybe he just replies because he's too polite haha
      Even though he starts it most of the time
      I'm sure I'm overthinking it but I guess I'll see.

      Yeah I've learnt to keep exes in the past, the hard way mind you. They're the type that are probably doing you a favour if they don't reply

    • ex's are usually the type who won't reply when you want to talk but then talk to you when move on but im friends with some ex's like really close

      but with your situation. I think you are overthinking a little.. but I tend to overthink a lot myself.. just try to get along with the flow.. it's easier said than done though

    • Much easier said than done haha. I'll have to practice it :)

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  • He wants to chase you he will , you are talking to him.


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  • You said he mostly messages you first, I don't think it would be weird if you messaged him first sometimes.

  • You should have messaged him first.


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