A girl asking you to go to her friends wedding with her? Does it mean something special?

We're both PhD students. She's gonna finish earlier than me. I'm gonna finish probably 1.5 year after her. But I'm 3 years older than her. I adore her in many respects. We've been doing number of cool things together like traveling, camping going to concert, etc. I told her directly during a dinner (date!!) I wanna take the next step forward do you think we could be more than friends. And she goes I'm gonna leave and long distance relationships does not work n I put 110% when I commit. Sorry but no. Now after three weeks (still we are good friends) she comes to my office and invites me to her friends wedding. I'm confused!! I still think about her too much and I'm serious about her. Like really serious. Tell me what would you do?


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  • You should go with her to this wedding and she wouldn't ask you if she didn't think that you are special.

    • Thanks for your comment. We had an amazing night at the wedding. We danced a lot and obviously she was having fun, cuz she was laughing and happy in my arms. A friend of us was like you guys looked so cute !! I took her back to her apartment and I kissed her (on her cheek). That was the first time. I'm not gonna make a big deal out of it cuz it makes me feel more and more optimistic. What do you think? The more I know her the more I feel confident that she's the one.

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