Chasing the guy - right or wrong?

I really don't get it. I am chasing the guy right now to be honest and it feels wrong. When I do see him it's all fine but he wants me to initiate everything now and I'm not really getting anywhere with him he tells me to reach out for him (why?) but doesn't intiate anything saying he has to do everything. It was true but now I'm chasing him. I can't tell if he actually wants to see me or just show interest or if he is playing me like keeping me on the hook. I have initiated but he does not put in any effort other than replying.
He is literally asking me to chase him.


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  • I feel the same everytime I do household chores. It's wrong, she really should be doing it. Don't you think?


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  • Hmm. Making yourself too available to a guy takes the fun out of it for him and he may lose interest. (Not that I'm saying girls should put no effort in because I strongly disagree with that, but you can't do ALL the chasing).
    It takes 2 to tango and no matter which person it is, it's not fair for one person to expect the other to do everything..

    Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Stop chasing for a little while. If he's genuinely interested, he'll try to get your attention back. If he's doesn't well... it's for the better.


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  • Why do so many people on this website utterly detest the idea of a woman chasing a man? Can someone please tell me why?

  • Stop chasing him let his ego get hurt. He'll contact you or might be he isn't as interested a you thought.


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  • Wrong. All the way wrong.

    Not only is chasing a guy a turn off to him because it makes you look like a predictable push-over who's too available and possibly even desperate. But it's almost like a smack in the face to your potential self. Like there's some measure of handing over your dignity, self-respect, and all the experiences you deserve on a silver platter. You deserve to feel wanted. You deserve to have a guy make time for you in his schedule. There are CEO's, neurosurgeons, and professional athletes who STILL manage to make time for those they care about or to do something they enjoy. Is he really THAT busy? -_- No. So it's time for you to stop chasing him around because for him to even request that says something really unbecoming about his ego and sense of consideration.

    Stop talking to him. Stop initiating contact. Stop making plans. Helpful tip woman to woman: Falling in love with life will always remedy any disappointment, frustration, or pain a man brings you. You will find yourself being so passionate and busy exploring what life has to offer that you'll forget why you ever wanted him <3

  • Stop chasing him, a guy is the hunter and you are the pray he wants to catch.

    Also he is testing you. Turn the table on him and let him chase you.

    No guy in their right mind would want a female chasing him.

    • "No guy in their right mind would want a female chasing him."

      Can you please explain? I must be insane then, because I disagree.

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