I haven't had much luck with relationships? is this related to ADHD or my looks?

Girls get interested in me sometimes but lose that interest very quickly and my relationships (when I finally mannage to get one) never last and are always. I've recently discored I have ADHD like two weeks ago and I'm now medicated, I'm not like a zombie but I am a bit morein the "here and now" but I'm really not sure.

I always though is cause I was ugly as hell but My psych told me ADHD has a big impact on relationships and social interactions but I don't see how I'm a very polite person and I dont see how ADHD would hinder socializing or maybe I'm not noticing something?


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  • I think add meds put you in the here and now but if it's a stimulant, beware because it also cuts you off from really feeling. You have to feel the lows to feel the highs, so that's a very dangerous state of being.
    Perhaps in a relationship ship you commit yourself too easily, that is a big turn off for a girl because she doesn't feel special.
    Add has an extreme impact on social relationships.
    Most important of all, to experience feelings of love and belonging, you need to feel worthy of love and belonging.

    • I dont really go all zombie I feel normal just not so high strung. I feel here and now and I do feel sad and happy when appropiate about the girl thing I have no clue

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