One of my friends told a girl that I'm interested in her. Is this bad?

So I'm fresh out of a very serious two year relationship. It's only been a week, but our relationship slowly died and I moved on a while ago. We ended on good terms and I was the one that broke it off. Now I'm interested in this very quiet girl. We are both seniors and we have one class together, but we sit on opposite sides of the room facing each other. I've only had the chance to talk to her once for about 10 minutes and she's very friendly. I was suspicious about her since she is very beautiful and smart, yet no guys ever go after her. I asked my closest female friend that is also good friends with her if she is dating someone or something and she just said that she doesn't date much and that the last relationship she had was 3 years ago. She broke up with the guy because he was pressuring her into sex and she takes it slow (just like me). My friend said that she would talk to her and I told her that I don't mind if she mentions me. Given the situation where we never really see each other, and that they are friends, I don't see it as a bad thing that she is told that I'm interested. Sure it can make it a little awkward, but I can deal with that. Basically my friend is telling her that I am interested in getting to know her more, but I am still fresh out of a relationship so I want to give it another month or so. I don't know if she has talked to her yet, but is it bad that she would know? Most people would say that it will kill all chances, but I think it might be best to be up front about it with her, and it seems more mature then when you have a friend that doesn't even know them tell them just because you're afraid.


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  • You should be honest and up front with her about how you feel and just become a friend to her, maybe she is still waiting on you to approach her yourself.

  • the only thing thast mature is telling her yourself, not getting other people to tell her (just pointing that out because of your use of mature).

    anyway, no its not a bad thing as long as you follow it up with something. if she's shy don't expect her to follow it up, you'll probably have to do that. and its good because when your friends tells her that, she'll start seeing you in that way and your friend can give you feedback as to how she responded (although i always think its better to get it from the horses mouth than secondhand, but you can still ask)


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