How long do you wait till you ask a girl if she's mad?

22 year old girl messaging has been weird for a day, how long till i ask if everything's okay?
Is it annoying to ask it too quickly?
  • same day
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  • next day
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  • dont ask at all
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  • only ask if things get really weird, no responses etc
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Be honest and listen to her face to face don't confront her by message or social media, this will make her more upset with you.

    Face will show her that you care about her because you took the time to face her in person.

    This may clear the air.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Just ask her. Better to clear the air sooner, in my opinion. It's once it festers that everything goes belly up.

  • Always best to give it 24 hrs. Us chics are awful with drama.


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