Did this really attractive lifeguard possibly like me... or am I imagining it?

So, yesterday I took my primary six class to their swimming lesson. The lifeguard at the pool was very tall, dark and handsome.

When I got in, he offered me a cup of coffee and told me I was welcome to go make one.

I noticed, throughout the whole session, he was looking over at me a few times but didn't come near to where I was sitting while he was teaching the children their swimming lessons.

For or the second half of the lessons, I moved away from the pool side to see if that made any difference. Sure enough, as soon as I moved away, he slowly made his way round to that area.

He continued to look over at me a few more times and when the lessons were finished he passed by me and gave me a very pleasant, closed mouthed smile. So I returned the same to him.

I might be imagining it, but I just got the feeling he might have liked me a little. What do you think?
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  • That's how I am when I'm attracted to a girl, I take little peaks and give eye contact if our eyes meet, and I also give closed mouthed smiles. He may have liked you.


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  • Really good looking men, just like really good looking women enjoy attention. If he catches a vibe of you looking at him he'll do something to get more attention. I don't think it is intentional they just like the power they have over you.

    • Fair does, but I'd say I'm on par with him when it comes to the looks!

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    • Ah well, perhaps he did like me after all, since he asked for my number. As for guys being on par with a girls looks and being vain or whatever other nonsense? I've met many men who are absolutely wonderful, lovely and down to earth, but extremely sexy at the same time. So I can confirm that this is a possibility. Sorry if you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing men who are nice but good looking and not shallow at the same time in your life.

    • Congrats!

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  • Tall, dark, and handsome? Mmmhm, I think he likes you.



    • Oooooooooh! That little meep thing is so cute :')

    • Probably a really soothing, buttery voice to match the looks. You do need to know though that you would need to talk to him. If you two just stare at each other expecting stuff to happen, nothing will happen, except, well... the kids learn how to swim.

    • But it's not appropriate for me to chat to the lifeguard while 21 of my kids are in a pool swimming! Haha. Fair point though :)

  • certainly seems likely, give it a go and see how it pans out, good luck! *salutes*

  • Possibly. But this is ambiguous.


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