LDR date ideas, need help?

I live in America and my girlfriend lives in China. Both of us are young. China has a lot of censorship so it'll be hard for her to do anything.
I need ideas. I was thinking about listening to music and singing along together or something.


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  • no watch the same movie at the same time, from the same link.. and comment about it everynow and then on whatsapp, in china they dont have facebook but they have whatsapp and wechat, you should download wechat, and Skype works there as well,... are you going to give up on sex for her? i mean ldr means no sex , is that ok for you?

    • Uhm I know what a ldr entails XD
      See I don't know if movie links will work the same though unless it's downloaded. I don't know if they can download the same movie or not.
      I already use Skype and wechat

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