Girls, I wanna permanently lose the urge for a girlfriend how do I do it?

Like for years I desperately wanted a girlfriend now when I see people embracing, hugging, holding hands it makes me wanna throw up.

They always say that when you stop looking that's when you will get one but I say that's a bunch of bs cause some girl isn't gonna fall out if the sky Taylor made for me.

Plus I can't just still around my whole life feeling miserable and sad because I lack the features or characteristics required to find a girlfriend and even if I did stop looking and a girl approached me I would harshly reject her


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  • I thought it was crap but I had my first boyfriend when I was not expecting anything.

    I know my answer doesn't help but actually it did for me.

    Now, are you approachable, are you approaching girls?

    • I don't approach I'm shy and apparently I'm not approachable cause I always look pissed

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    • I don't wanna I just wanna forget it like I asked in my question

    • And my confidence was destroyed years ago I personally don't believe it's fixable maybe when I'm elderly I might fix itself but not before then

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