I'm not sure if the girl that I love wants a relationship with me?

So there's this girl a friend you could call it. I love her... like I truly love till the worlds end and risk my life to save her that kind of love. We have gone out on a couple dates and she had a lot of fun. She really likes talking and hanging out with me but she doesn't really find the time to hang out with me much. She just claims she is busy all the time, which I used to believe. Now she will say that she is busy then I'll see her story on snapchat of her with her girl friends at starbucks or whatnot. She knows I really like her but I haven't ever told her how I really feel about her. I'm not sure what to do. I love her and I really want to have a relationship with her but it doesn't really feel like she feels the same way about it. What should I do? Part of me thinks, because I am really busy from sports right now until November, that I should just ride it out until then and after I'm done with sports tell her how I really feel. But the other part of me thinks I should try to hang out with her and when I finally do then I should tell her how I really feel. What do y'all think? What should I do?
What I'm most confused about is that it doesn't seem like she want's to go out on dates or hang out much, but when we are out it seems like she likes me. She will cuddle with me and hold my hand that kind of stuff when we're out together.


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  • If you asked her, "Did you date Anonymous?" what would she answer?

    Does she know those couple of dates were dates?

    • Yes she knows they were dates. She would probably say, yeah I have gone on a couple dates with him.

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    • Then it seems that she knows you like her, but doesn't seem to reciprocate.

    • Yeah, that is what I think it is too. I don't want to think that she doesn't feel that way but I guess that's what I got to live with.

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