Girls, Why would you not respond to a online message?

I am very curious to know now if it's just pure bad luck I may have lol. I'm finding it weird, I tried going on online dating app like plenty of fish. I made my profile genuinely with information and started browsing around to see the women there.

I've sent a good amount of messages to women. I take my time to read over there profile and see they're interest and etc. Then I message them seeing there interest. I've gotten zero replies and I find it strange not one.

From all my female friends, they say I look good. I'm funny and have great personality (not trying to sound cocky, I'm actually super humble), but somehow women aren't responding and even in person when I go to get a girls number. I get it, we text briefly then they always just stop.

i just want to know if I'm just plagued at this point. I just want some real advice from outside source.


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