Is my girlfriend lying or cheating on me?

My girlfriend and I have a rough relationship because her family does not like me, she still stays with me though but keeps it a secret only from her family, all our friends know and we still go out on dates and see each other as often as possible, my question is simple. When she tells me things like she's going to get dinner or going to buy cigarettes but ends up taking over an hour when everything is within 10 minutes of her house then when asked what took so long she blames it on the traffic or something else similar to that nature. is she making another stop to see someone else, or am I just paranoid with trust issues? Seriously I need help. Any questions about more details of stuff Tha has happened just comment
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  • I wouldn't say she's cheating but if everything is 10 mins away like to buy cigarettes then , it does look suspicious. Other than the food , that sometimes happens lol


What Guys Said 1

  • The best thing to do here is not care. Even if she's gone for 2 days to get cigarettes, you don't question it, just disregard it.

    How long have you guys been together?

    • We recently took a break from our relationship because we became too dependent on eachother but before then roughly a year and a half

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    • She tells me she does multiple times a day and I feel it when I'm with her, but with all this hype on the internet about hoes and thots and how you should trust a girl makes it hard on a man, contemplated giving up social media all together because of it

    • That's why you can't care. Think about it, what's stopping her from banging a dude right this very moment? The fact that she loves you.

      She's ultimately in control of whether or not she gets another guys dick. So worrying about it is pointless.

      All you can really do is trust that she loves you, and let what happens happen.

      Trust me, it may be easier said than done, but DO NOT CARE. Even during times when you do, and are paranoid, act like you don't care.

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