Why is she suddenly ignoring me?

Some background: me and my ex dated about a year 2 years ago and we broke up due to bad timing with where we were in life and me moving away. We mutually agreed that if the right time come that we would possibly revisit things. She has now moved closer and to me and is recently single after a 1.5 year relationship.

We had been texting a bit over the last few weeks and then last week I asked her out and she said yes. She seemed very into the idea and excited. We went out and had a great time. Everything clicked like it used to. That night and the next morning we both expressed how great a time we and and that we both wanted to do it again soon.

We texted a little over the weekend as we were both busy. Sunday rolls around and we text that night and I asked if she wanted to get together Tuesday. She said "I want to but unfortunaly I am already busy :/". No biggie we talked a little more and said her family was coming into town this coming weekend but that we could get together later in the week.

Monday we talked a little and she told me she had a very stressful day then went to sleep. Tuesday evening I texted her asking if she was still up to go out Thursday night to confirm it and she didn't respond at all...

On Wednesday evening I was really busy with a certification but I just sent her a text asking if everything was okay since the last thing she told me was that she was really stressed and I hadn't heard from her again **I would not have said that if we did not have history and I didn't know her well**. She did not respond to that either. Still have not heard a word from her.

So here I am kind of confused as to why it seems like she's ignoring me. Things seemed great 2 days ago. Any ideas? What should I do?


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