Do you hate your ex partners?

Would you be happy to see your most recent ex with a boy or girl? Would you celebrate their success? Do you have a lot of hate and hidden/ are you bitter about how it ended?

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  • I pretend to be happy for their new relationship
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  • I hate him/her.. I'm still bitter
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  • I truly don't give an F
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Most Helpful Girl

  • None of my relationships ended on a super bad note. Even the one guy who turned out to be a sociopath I don't hate. He has to live his life without a conscious, that's not an easy thing. I'm actually grateful for the experience because I got out rather unscathed and I learned a LOT of those sort of people. In fact, I learned from all of my relationships, which we all should do.


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What Guys Said 4

  • 1. I see no reason to hate them
    2. I prefer that we be friends in the true sense (unless there's been some malicious stuff that she had done where I'll be wary of her)
    3. I am not even voting 'C' cause though I'm neither inquisitive nor intrusive, I sure care about them with defined boundaries & limitations aka not intruding into their or my current personal lives


    I don't keep track of any of them so it's easy not to care.

  • How about no.

  • No we are friends. Though unfortunately I see her very rarely


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