Girls, I'm attracted to tall, strong, confident guys but they always turn out to be jerks. Where do I find one who's also good?

I can't feel it if a guy is too soft. I met a tall, strong, confident guy at a place I hang out and he approached me fearlessly. He complimented me and made me smile and laugh. We went on a few dates. I went to a nightclub with friends one night and he happened to come there too. He bought me a drink. Caribbean music started playing and everyone started grinding. I wore a top that showed my midsection and he put his hands on my stomach. He took me back to his place, we started making out and then he started kissing my neck and stomach and one thing led to another. I can't say if he'll be jerky after a while but it has happened before.


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  • The library is a good place to check out good guys


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