Ex girlfriend making fun of me on social media?

Sent her a note to apologize she then takes to social media to clown on me... should I do or say anything or let it be?


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  • What did she say?

    And don't reply to anything she posts. You don't need the public involved, this should be just between you two.

    She seems like a two year old. Ignore it and don't waste your time.

    • I wrote a note explaining why some of her behaviors made me act a certain way.. Told her sorry and that I still care about her. . Dumb move I guess? Attached was 3 flowers.. She replied via tweet "I don't accept flowers please don't send them" I'm paraphrasing.. A few if her. Friends "favorite" just making a joke out if it I guess?

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    • I feel like she could have at least said what she tweeted to me in private via text or something ... Why would she not want to face me directly? ... I feel like telling her that she is being immature, I cab understand if she didn't like it but why tell the whole world? I wouldn't clown her via social media, you know?

    • Sorry for the late message, went to bed lol.

      I totally understand. In all honesty, I think the reason for why she turned to social media is because she wants the attention from people and because she wants to mock you. The only reason I can think of for this is because you did something to her? You said you apologized to her... meaning you did something wrong. Whatever you did, it upset her and pissed her off. So for that reason she wanted to get you back and let you know "it really was not okay."

      People like venting. Especially if they're emotional. She did it because she wanted to let her feelings out-it was in the moment kind of thing. Girls do that a lot haha. It was immature to do though, and I'm sure she still has second thoughts about it. Don't contact her, you did your part of apologizing... if she doesn't accept it, that's her fault and HER problem.

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  • She's so mad or she's so stupid
    no in-between

  • Talk to her in person.


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