Boyfriend doesn't even text in the morning or when going out?

Boyfriend and I go to college together so every morning he texts me to wish good morning and ask I where I am. But today he had to go meet a friend and didn't text me at all and just left to see his friend. I feel bad because wishing good morning or a simple text doesn't take long. Am I over thinking? Should I just let it be? Or the way I feel is right?
P. S. My boyfriend doesn't really like talking on the phone or texting. And has been a but busy lately customising his new gadgets.


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  • OMG, he dint message u, he is definitely fucking some other girl, he is going to dump u soon, be ready for a heart break.
    r u serious?, oh come on, he already told u he is going to see a friend, and u can often forget about this message when ur with friends,
    there is nothing to worry about, just relax and have fun,


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  • He probably became busy and forgot. It's not a big deal 😊


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  • You are overthinking it.


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