Should I let my friend tell a girl that I'm interested in getting to know her better?

She's very quiet, and I've only been able to talk to her once, so we barely know each other. I'm interested in her, but I'm newly single after a 2 year relationship, so I want to take it slow. I had asked my closest female friend about her, since she knows her well and she said that she will talk to her, but I don't know if that's a good idea. I feel like that would make things uncomfortable for us and make me look like a spineless creep. My friend keeps insisting that she will make it casual and smooth though, but I don't know how you can do that when you're telling someone that someone else wants to get to know them better. So should I stop her before she does is?
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Since I accidentally contradicted myself, definitely= stop my friend
No, it's not that bad= let my friend tell her.


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  • I hope you know your question title doesn't tally with the one in your description. Most of us might be answering the question in your title " Should I let my friend tell a girl in interested..."


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  • Your friend can talk to her now, but only if she leaves your interest out of it. E. g., she can talk about how you're a great guy, or how she thinks the two of you would be good together, etc, and try to gauge her interest. But she can't say you're interested. Too quick for that, cos you don't know her at all.

    Best thing to do though is try to create situations where you're all hanging out. Much better if things can happen without outside help.

    • Well she is extremely introverted. I'm very used to dealing with introverts, because several of my friends are introverts, but she's also incredibly beautiful, and I'm not going to lie, I'm a complete wuss around very attractive women. There is no way that I know of to get to know her better on a friendly basis, but I could get to know her better if I'm upfront about it and she accepted to go on a date. But obviously that's a hit or miss situation.

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  • Yeah, let her do it. Let her introduce you. This is actually one of the best and most reliable ways to meet potential romantic interests, so you're in a very good position.

    • Lol sadly you and I are the only ones that think that so far. I can see how it would be bad if it was a male friend telling her that doesn't know her, but I have a female friend that knows her very well. Plus, given the situation, it's better for her to know, because we simply don't see ea ch other enough to become friends first.

  • Talk to her yourself. Try to become friends first. Take it slow.

    • I'll try, but it's difficult when she never talks.

  • Wait, what am I voting for? lol

    • Lol I just noticed that I contradicted myself

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