My friend is very... uhh closed?

I have a friend at school and she is absolutely stunning! she is morrocan, 27 and never had a a boyfriend or anything... she is muslim so i know she isn't supposed too but she doesn't have a social life, barely, she also seems very depressed, als she does is sleep and she does go out shopping and all, but she very secretive about her past, she isn't open about dating anyone, she is extremely closed. I feel like she went through something really bad, she is like a zombie, too bad because she could have any guy! she absolutely stunning, beautful body like a mermaid, gorgeous long straight hair all tho she wears a head scarf, very beautiful almond green brown eyes, nice structure of face but so insecure...


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  • I'm not trying to belittle any religion, but this is the result of an indoctrinated upbringing. Religious rules dominate a persons life. My belief is that religions exist for the benefit of all, not the other way round.

    Personally, although Pagan, I make my beliefs to suit me and me alone. Do you know if she has domineering, controlling parents? It may well be that she is still "owned" by her parents.

    Whatever, she is the only one that can break this cycle. Nobody can do it for her. In my opinion, it sounds like she is existing, not living!

    • That is what she is doing. Too bad because she is really a beauty.

    • Great shame. We only have one life here. use it to the maximum, I say!!

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