I need a bunch of dating advice please can someone help me out?

So most of my life to many girls flirt with me and I flirt back but I never know how to seal the deal. I'm pretty laid back and quite. But I never ask them out because im to afraid of not knowing what to say. I can hold conversation but my main concern is leading the conversation. I'm about to ask one of they girls that like me at work for her number. Now what I need advice on is if I end up taking her out what do I talk about. I know your supposed to get to know each other but I've only been on one date in my life and that was with this chick that has a boyfreind and she carried the conversation. But I just want some tips on how to lead the converstaion. Because it's in my nature to take charge but my shyness is holding me back. can someone help?


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  • what to talk about?
    hanging out
    what she likes doing
    where is she from
    what kind of music she like
    etc etc

    tip: confidence is the key to charming a women.
    good luck sir

    • I'm always usually calm and collected. I also come off with confidence. I just never kno the right things to say. But your input helped me a lot thanks for the advice.

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