Do exs mean it when they say they want you back?

My girlfriend broke up with me a while back, then she started seeing this other guy. Though he apparently treated her like crap, now her friend is saying she misses me and wants me back. I still love her, but after she broke up with me I'm a bit nervous. Do you think she really means it?


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  • she just want to forget her ex and she will broke up with u again after some time.
    just remember she left and if her ex was good she will never want you back.
    there is plenty of fish in the sea , why take a dead fish!
    go find a girl who appreciate not a girl who want your comfort

    • So you're saying there isn't a chance she could like me again?

    • there is but it's small chance
      you deserve better man

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  • not all the time. girls are manipulative... be careful.


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  • She could mean it. She may have realised once she was with the other guy that she made a mistake by breaking up with you because you must have treated a lot better than the other guy. I understand you being nervous about it, because you probably don't want to be hurt again by her in case she does this again. I think maybe take some time to think it through and see if you can trust her enough again to get back together :)

  • Getting back together with an ex is never a good idea unless you broke up due to circumstances that were out of control (such as moving far away). This girl is not trustworthy and will only end up breaking up with you again. She took you for granted.


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