If your boyfriend tells you your relationship is just too much work what does this really mean?


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  • It means the relationship is too much work. lol.

    Maybe you're needy. Some examples might be:
    can you drive me to work?
    Can I borrow some cash?
    Let's go to (insert boring/expensive/time consuming shit) again! And again! And again!

    Maybe you're too shy:
    Him) how was your day?
    You) Good...
    Him) ... That's it?
    (I dumped my last girlfriend for this 1 word answer bull shit)

    Maybe you're have too many "conditions" that have to be met before sex (either intentional or subconscious):
    Only on week ends
    Only if he takes you out some where first
    Only if the house is clean

    ^Don't dismiss this one^ sex is huge. It's supposed to be a normal part of a healthy relationship, not a carrot on the end of a stick that's offered as a reward for good behavior. Treat your guy like that, and he'll treat you like a hooker, since the concept is basically the same but with a different currency.

    OR Here's how it could just be his problem.

    Maybe he's insecure because he doesn't think he's good enough for you and needs to improve his:
    Social skills
    and now he's just sort of drowning under the pressure, and wants to date someone more in his own league.

    • Yeah i would never date anyobe who wanted to borrow mobey. User alert!

      He made me plan almost all our dates then told me it was because I had 'preferences' but resented me for it. I picked free things to do downtown like movie in he park, play in the park, concert in the park. He had fun.

      I told him i didn't give a didn't care what we did even if it was something i wouldn't do on my own because I'd enjoy it as long as i was spending time with him. l think despite this somehow i made him feel small. He couldnt take even he simplest of of honesty. Like it isn't my thing or i haven't done it before but let's go. I like trying new things and doing things that make the other person happy but he didn't understand that. Im not a complainer but we tubed a river and got stuck by an upside down Tahoe and debris in the river and it freaked me out. i had a good time but was really freaked out when we got stuck because people died in that river a few minths ago and i was afraid to get cut.

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    • He clearly fits the avoidant personality disorder scheme and he also suffers from depression. He is unable to feel empathy towards anyone. I know he has problems that enable him from maintaining a relationship. I was just looking for feedback from the general community on what it would mean to them.

      He can't feel his emotions well so he steals phrases from dating books.

    • *disable*

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  • He sounds like a douche. He'll have the same problem in every relationship because the problem is him. He either doesn't really want a relationship in the first place or doesn't have the emotional skill set to maintain one. Just move on.

    • Why would you even want to be with someone who would break up with you over something so stupid? And you said he's done it before with all his other exes so... Yeah

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