Should I be mad at him?

We have been dating for a month and a week now and we text and call each other everyday. My concern is that he told me he wants to cook for me and doesn't have a lot of money to spend right now. I told him that I can't go to his place and he said he was hurt. I got upset because I feel he didn't understand and he wanted to talk over the phone but I haven't talked to him for a day now. What should I do?


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  • What? No. You're mad because he was "hurt" and then ignored him when he wanted to talk about it? I'd have already dumped you. Seriously, wtf?


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  • It's the beginning of a relationship, and everyone gets in fights sometimes. Since it's been a day, I would go over to his place and apologize, but still explain your side of the story and how you felt. Then he will hopefully explain how he feels and there won't be any misunderstanding. Being able to express your feelings without being shut down or worried he will be mad it an important part of a relationship.


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  • You can't go to his place because, why? Are you worried it is a trick to get you to sleep with him? I love it when a man wants to cook, I don't need money spent on me just consideration. As long as he is giving you that what's the problem.


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