Do your looks match your personality?

I've always found it somewhat interesting how for the most part everyone's looks tends to match their personalities. The reason I think this is is becasue we are treated based off our looks and also we grow up with messaging about how if you look this way you are probably this way then we look in the mirror and in our heads are like oh! so that's who I am!

A common example would be how a lot of blondes act carefree, while brunette girls tend to be more book smart. Or how scrawny guys just happen to be into calculus and World of Warcraft while the majority of big guys get into sports at some point in their scholastic or post scholastic lives. It's like it just somehow works out that people tend to act like you'd think they'd act. Like every girl at Spring Break looks the same (sorority hot) and has the same bitchy attitude lol. Of course, there's nuances but anyway yeah...


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  • It's a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy, isn't it? :p
    It's a mix for me lol. I was a fat child, so I wasn't good with people for a long time. I got good at reading and math, especially. Then I got into video games and computers very intensely.

    Now I'm still very nerdy, but I'm a bit of a social butterfly and I'm in a sorority lol.


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  • yeah i'm a fuckin beast and my look is reflected


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