Should I give this a chance or just leave it?

I met this guy a bit less than a month ago and things have been good between us. I really like him. But something sparked the conversation about what he wants and he said he likes me, i tick all the right boxes but he needs to know that he is 100% okay because his last relationship has scarred him. His ex basically strung him along and proceeded to tell him that she didn't see a future with him.
We got our wires crossed and didn't speak for a day because I thought he was just doing the same thing to me by wining and dining me, introducing me to his friends&family then pulling away.

However, yesterday, we met up&went for a walk and spoke for 4 hours. He looked so excited to see me and kept apologising and holding me. He then clarified and said he felt it was too soon for me to ask him such questions because he hasn't known me that long. He said he makes excuses to see me all the time, calls me all the time&looks forward to our dates because he wants to get to know me and he wants to understand me.
He said his brothers and his friends love me. But he does not want to bring his past hurt into something new. He said he can see something happening between us (the way we are when we're together) but he'd rather just let it happen and not be too concious about it because it makes him pull away.

He said I make him put his guard down&that he was on hiatus until he met me and he has a rule about 'one relationships a year'(he broke up with his ex in April as did I) & he wants to stick to it. That he's careful and slow about who he gets into relationships with.

Part of me doesn't mind taking things slow&seeing where it leads because we haven't know each other long, but part of me is scared that I'm wasting my time... Any advice?


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  • You're wasting your time. This guy is overly structured with his "one relationship a year" nonsense instead of being open to meeting the right person when it happens. Move on.


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