Whats the difference in bad and good communication?

This girl and me right now have been friends for 7 years. I've recently told her that I think we should be dating, I really care about her and that i want her in my life more than just a friend. That happened earlier this year about a month after she got done with a drug addicted boyfriend. Things were going well and she was really receptive to my motives towards her? (is there a better way to word that?) She didn't want to date for a while... understandable, however while in that time her ex started talking to her again. Well she let him, this should smell bad to everyone from a mile away. It was, I panic about her involving herself with this guy again which ends up pushing her away. She goes back to him in a big way, moves 1000 miles away across the country to be with him. This ends badly, one of them in jail badly... you can guess who but not for drugs domestic violence. she's back home now and we've been talking for the past month... kind of. We talked about how i felt for her and that it hadn't changed. She responded to that in a, well i think it was a posative way. Being open with me, trusting me with very private stuff and even trying to be sexy for me at night. But after one night she stops talking to me and when she does it's very little, deperssion is shit. I deal with a lot of depression myself so I understand her being very anti social, low energy and everything else. This has been going on for the past 2ish weeks, I haven't been frustrated with her just down that I don't hear from her.

Fastforward to today, I told her whats on my mind and that its getting me down. She responded rather than stay silent with that she'll start talking more. I told her that I want to be spending time with her not just talk though. I can't tell if this is good or bad. I'm happy that she's going to try talking more but I can't stop feeling like I'm pushing her for too much right now.

Sorry for the long read.


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  • How well you are able to able to talk


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